We would like to help you with creating the perfect excursions, in order to make your stay become an unforgettable experience.

The Mosel region, with its beautiful countryside, the cliffy vineyards with a downward slope of up to 68% and the lovingly looked- after villages offer a variety of highlights, which are worth visiting. Cochem is the ideal place for excursions in this beautiful environment… by foot, by bike, by boat or with your car.


Beilstein: the Sleeping Beauty of the Mosel

Bad Bertrich: Germany’s only salt spring

Vulkaneifel: the seven maars

Maria Laach: the one- of- a- kind convent in Germany on the Laacher See

Idar- Oberstein: Germany’s “Jewel- Town” with a cliff church and a jewel museum

Traben- Trarbach: famous for its many Art Nouveau houses

Bernkastel- Kues: old marketplace with beautiful timbered houses

Nürburgring: The Green hell, largest and most famous race track

Koblenz: Castle “Ehrenbreitstein” and the “Deutsche Eck” (German Corner)- meeting of the rivers Mosel and Rhine

Trier: Germany’s oldest city (2000 years), old Roman Emperor City, with the Porta Nigra, amphitheatre and basilica


Moselland Museum & Tractor rental

Mustard Mill (Senfmühle)


Reichsburg Cochem

Burg Eltz

Burg Pyrmont

Burg Arras

Burg Thurant

Chair Lift Cochem

Leads to the “Pinnerkreuz”, a magnificent lookout point over Cochem.
It is only a short walk away from the “Klottener Wildpark”.


The Mosel region is ideal for hiking. Different tours can easily be planned: along the river Mosel,
in the vineyards or through the woods, where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.
The most famous tour is the so called “Moselhöhenweg” (marked with a white M), which
was established in 1910. It runs from Koblenz to Palzem (224km) and in the Eifel from Wasserbillig
(Luxembourg) via Trier to Koblenz (165km).


The Mosel offers many different bicycle routes, depending on age and condition. If you do not
have the chance to bring your own bike with you, we would love to make the arrangements
for the bike- rental for you.

If you do not have the chance to bring your own bike with you, we would love to make the
arrangements for the bike- rental for you.

Nordic Walking

16 different routes for Nordic Walking have been arranged in the region of Cochem.

More information: Nordic-Walking-Mosel

The next golf course is only 3 km away from the hotel. The golf course is perfect for beginners and also for experienced players.

Championship course: 18- hole Par 72

Executive course: 9- hole Par 31

Driving Range (50 teeting grounds, 30 are canopied, partially with floodlight)

Putting Greens

Pitching & Chipping Green

Practice Bunker


Daily passages from Cochem.

Swimming Pools

Moselbad Cochem

Open Air Pool Ellenz Poltersdorf

Open Air Pool Arrastal at Alf